Miami Dolphins fans can be happy about one thing with Flores firing

The Miami Dolphins fanbase is in disarray this morning after the news broke that Brian Flores is a Black Monday firing. But there could be good news.

Brian Flores had back to back winning seasons and that has made fans question the timing of him being relieved of his duties. As the dust settles on the situation, there is some good news that fans should be at least considering.

The Miami Dolphins should have a new offensive system come 2022.

For all the good the Dolphins defense did on the field the offense was largely ignored. We were told that Ryan Fitzpatrick was a great quarterback and were entertained while losing. We were told that Tua Tagovailoa was the QB of the future all the while he was straddled with an inept offensive system.

Maybe Tua makes it to 2022, maybe he doesn’t but one thing we should be counting on is a new system regardless of who the quarterback is.

No matter what happened over the last three years, the one constant failure was the Dolphins offense. Didn’t matter the quarterback, didn’t matter the OC. Miami, and specifically Flores, failed.

Miami should be heading towards its 5th OC in as many years with Chad O’Shea, Chan Gailey, and the duo of Godsey and Studesville. Miami will also likely be heading towards hiring a new offensive line coach, the 5th in five years as well.

How can you build an offense when you have no clue how to build an offense? The bad part is that a new coaching change will almost certainly bring defensive changes as well. It is hard to believe that any new HC will retain Josh Boyer, and they should. Boyer may not be the guy who has been running the defense but he has a good idea of what is working.

A lot is about to change for the Miami Dolphins and some of it may actually be good.