In obvious news, the Miami Dolphins need to hire an offensive coach

Mike McDaniel (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images) /

It’s been two days since Brian Flores was fired. Unfortunately, or at least I find it unfortunate, that the dust is far from settled on his tenure with the Miami Dolphins. Every hour or so you hear a new story of just how bizarre he was towards players and staff and how toxic things were behind the scenes.

Who knows which tales are true or not but when the elite Miami Dolphin beat reporters are writing it, I’d give it some credence. If you want to say that Brian Flores was is an old-school coach who doesn’t cater to today’s players who are mostly being labeled as soft, go for it. I won’t argue with that.

What I will say is that I very much enjoyed Brian Flores’ Xs and Os approach to, strictly, the defense, and how he maximized talent out of the majority of the players he had, again strictly on defense. He won a lot of games with a below-average roster on one side of the ball. I also like how he handled himself during press conferences.

Even during the Watson stuff, when it got real palpable, he never lost his cool and said the same boring stuff. I like that in a coach. Go look at that buffoon Joe Judge, who just got canned as well. He had no clue how to talk to the media. He always tried to say something profound but it always came off like a guy who didn’t know what he was doing. Less is more at the podium.

Flores’s problems weren’t what he did, necessarily on the field, though the offense was beyond a dumpster fire and was some sort of dumpster/barnyard explosion which we’ll be getting too. It was that he was a jerk to so many people for no apparent reason and the players didn’t like it. It seems like Flores, who I thought at the beginning wasn’t doing this but turns out he was, was being a Bill Belichick clone.

This is something that all Belichick coaches get labeled as without fail. They all go to a team and act like they’re the reason for all the Super Bowls in New England. Players see through that garbage and instantly find it weird and lame. Then when you really don’t do any kind of winning with your new team and you’re still an insufferable jerk, that’s when players tune you out or cuss you out in front of everybody as it’s being reported Tua did.

That’s what I think happened here. Flores was fired for not knowing how to play nice with everybody and even though he did well on the field, it wasn’t enough to overcome the alleged toxicity in the locker room. He’ll be fine. He’ll be hired in no time as he is already being interviewed for the Bears job.

The Dolphins are also in the midst of their coaching search. So far the Dolphins have requested interviews with a few guys.

One of these names, Vance Joseph, makes me want to puke all over the place. The others have intriguing aspects to them.

What I think should be the #1 prerequisite for the next coach of the team is that they are an offensive-minded coach. Yes, that means that Joseph and Dan Quinn are out. I like Quinn and think he can be solid but I want a coach that scores points especially if that coach can bring in a defensive coordinator that can at least drive the car, which is the defense, properly. I want an offensive coach because of this.

It’s been 27 seasons since the Dolphins have had a top 10 defense. I was eight when this happened. Man alive some teams accidentally put together a top 10 offense and sneak into that spot. Not the Dolphins. They try and try to no avail.

I want a guy who has good ideas that can get the most of the quarterback no matter who that is. The Dolphins, for so long, has been a team that has relied on its defense to do everything just hoping that the offense does just enough not to give the game away. During the Tannehill era, this happened and before that, it was the party line. Part of the reason is that they have this nasty habit of not resigning their actual good offensive players whom they drafted. I hope they stop doing that, sign Gesicki please, but I doubt it.

Out of this bunch, I’m most interested in Brian Daboll, who used to be a coach here in Miami, and Mike McDaniel who looks like the guy who still has a solid collection of Abercrombie and Hollister shirts. Both of these guys, to me, seem like they would be innovative enough to maximize the talent on offense and would actually create an identity one way or the other. I want a coach that will instill an identity and will do what it takes to get real good at that identity.

Kellen Moore doesn’t do it for me. I don’t have a great reason why other than I just think he’s been given so much in Dallas and although the offense has been alright, it’s just been alright given all that talent.

I’m sure more names will be added to this list such as Doug Pederson, Byron Leftwich, and Eric Bienemy. Maybe even some wild card names will be mentioned like surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble. Jim Harbaugh is still out there even though it’s been said 1,000 times that Ross won’t hurt Michigan to help the Dolphins something that is completely ridiculous on all levels. I still think Harbaugh is in play but we’ll see.

Today, I’m sure won’t be a quiet day with more Flores stories and more names added to the Dolphin’s interview lit. Buckle up and have a sold Wednesday.

By the Way- I got a bit ranty with the beginning of this article. I just wanted to share more thoughts from my article the other day about Flores being shown the door that I didn’t have in my head at the time.

Also, I hope a lot of people make the joke that I’m looking for the Dolphins to hire a coach that offends people based on the title of the article. That’ll be funny to me.