Miami Dolphins scored 40 points five times in 20 years Bills had 4 this year

Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Helmets belonging to the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins have a hard time scoring points and considering their never ending search for a quarterback, we shouldn’t be surprised. What should be surprising is genuinely how bad the Dolphins have been over the last 20 years.

On Twitter, a user tweeted just how badly the Dolphins scoring has been over the years.

Despite reading through the comments, I decided to pull out my yearly schedules and results and flip through the last 20 years of Miami Dolphins football. It was pretty sad. Really sad. So sad that I honestly sat there thinking about this very thing.

The Buffalo Bills scored 40 plus times four times this season alone and yes, the Dolphins have scored forty plus points only five times in the last two decades. Decades, not years.

This past weekend alone saw two of the AFC’s top teams, the Bills and Chiefs put up 40 points. Miami’s highest scoring of 2021 was 33 points, twice. Miami had one other game with more than 30 points.

Miami is currently looking for another head coach and given the track record of their offensive output, we shouldn’t be surprised. The Dolphins tend to do well enough defensively but on offense, they are a mess no matter who the coach or quarterback is.

IN OTHER Miami Dolphins news, the Dolphins have reportedly finished their interviews with Leslie Frazier and Brian Daboll but the team has yet to officially announce the interviews or the fact that they are over. Miami was supposed to interview the candidates on Sunday, a day after the Bills posted, 40 on the Patriots.

Miami still has several other coaches to interview but it doesn’t appear that Jim Caldwell or Doug Pederson are on the list. Miami doesn’t have to get permission to interview either of them but no one is linking the coaches to Miami interest.

The Dolphins will take their time hiring a new HC and they could be waiting for a candidate who is still in the  post season.