Divisional Round should make Miami Dolphins fans appreciate Jason Sanders

Jason Sanders . Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Jason Sanders . Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

After a wild Divisional playoff round that ended in four close games, Miami Dolphins fans should be grateful to have a star kicker like Jason Sanders.

The 2022 NFL playoffs have not been short of excitement. The Wild Card weekend brought fireworks early on, but the Divisional round came with multiple close finishes.

A key theme between all four games? Special teams. Three of the four games were won in the final seconds thanks to a field goal, while the Kansas City Chiefs were able to make it to overtime thanks to a 13-second drive that ended with a field goal.

Obviously, all the teams have stellar quarterback play, but special teams are a key factor. The Green Bay Packers were upset due to having a blocked field goal and a blocked punt returned for a touchdown.

Special teams matter and the Dolphins have one of the premier kickers in the league in Jason Sanders. Something Dolphins fans should appreciate.

Sanders struggled in 2021 after a nearly perfect 2020 season that led to a five-year extension. In 2020, went 36 for 39 on field goals, good for 92.3%, with a 100% extra point make. His numbers went down to 23 out of 31 makes on field goals with a 97.1% on extra points.

The dip in production is worrisome, but he shouldn’t be counted out. Special teams should be viewed as equal to offense and defense, ask the Packers, the 2019 “double-doink” Chicago Bears, or the 2011 San Diego Chargers, they probably wish their special teams were better.

Sanders should have a bounce-back season next season and become a major piece of the team once again. The Dolphins have a multitude of holes to fill, including hiring a new head coach, but kicker isn’t one of them and that’s a positive.