Mike Gesicki may not have a home with the new Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Mike Gesicki (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of work to do between now and the start of free agency but Mike Gesicki may be the biggest name fans will be watching.

Gesicki is a human highlight reel. He is the TE that Dolphins fans have wanted for almost a decade. A player who can run seam routes, get behind the linebackers, and win at the point of attack against defenders.

For all the good that Gesicki does in the passing game, blocking is not one of his strongest suits and that could be a problem getting him back under contract.

I have been banging my fists for a Gesicki extension. I started a chant at a home game this year “pay that man”. If he re-signs, I may finally buy a players jersey but the key? If he re-signs.

Mike McDaniel is bringing a new offensive style that tends to use TEs inline, meaning they block. It is part of that running game that McDaniel loves and that could be a problem for a TE that will command more than $10 million a season. I would love to think that Chris Grier and McDaniel are already on the phone trying to bang out a new deal but at the same time, I wonder if the conversation internally turns more towards Durham Smythe and using the money on Gesicki somewhere else.

If Gesicki is brought back, I would expect him to be coached at the blocking level a lot more, I think that has been a part of the problem. He simply hasn’t had great coaching. That will change with Jon Embree.  But I also see him being used more like George Kittle in the passing game and that is important as Gesicki has that level of talent in the passing game. The blocking is the problem and it might be the only reason why he isn’t brought back. That, to me, would be a shame.