Miami Dolphins can add to their cap space by cutting these players

The Miami Dolphins are set to have more than $60 million cap space this year and that is one of the highest amounts in the NFL but they could have more.

Finding spending money is important if the Dolphins are hoping to revamp their offensive line, their running backs unit, their wide receiver unit, and still add to the defensive side of the ball. Miami will probably need $10 to $15 million to sign their draft class later this year.

Releasing players will create cap space but it also creates holes that need to be filled. Miami has six players that could be released that won’t create anything more than a depth replacement from the FA market. In all, the Dolphins could create almost $20 million in extra cap space while putting just under $2 million on the dead money ledger.

Clayton Fejedelem – $2.775 million

Fejedelem is set to count the above against the cap this year. If released, the mainly special teams player will not count a dime against the Dolphins cap giving Miami the full amount back on their books.

Fejedelem isn’t a bad player but he is overpaid considering he is primarily used on special teams and thus, he is replaceable.

Eric Rowe – $5.075 million

Rowe is a good football player for the Dolphins but Miami now has Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones in the deep secondary and while Rowe can and does contribute, it is time to hand the keys over to the youth on the roster.

Rowe’s $5 mill cap his isn’t a lot but Miami wold get all abut $525K back if they released him giving them another $4.5 mill in cap space.

Adam Butler – $4.1 million

Adam Butler is a decent back up but the Dolphins don’t need him on the roster at $4.1 million. They would get all of that back with no dead money if Butler is released. He wouldn’t be impossible to replace.

Jesse Davis – $4.6 million

Is there any other player on the Dolphins roster that is as criticized as much as Davis by the fans? I would argue no. Davis is a quality back up but he isn’t a viable option as a season long starter. He is very inconsistent and needs too much help against even moderate defensive fronts.

The Dolphins have to get better on the line and that means Davis needs to be replaced. He will count $1 million against the cap if released but Miami would save $3.6 million.

Allen Hurns – $3.08 million

Hurns’ days in Miami should be done. He hasn’t been able to contribute over the last several years and this year missed all year with an injury. Should Miami keep him this year? Probably not. They should be able to replace him in free agency and in doing so would cut his cap hit to $433K while saving $2.5 million

Cethan Carter – $2.5 million

Carter got lost in the Dolphins TE unit and it is hard to see Miami keeping him around in 2022. That being said, McDaniel may see more in him than most. He is a better blocker than other TEs and that plays well for Carter.

If the Dolphins released him, they would get back the entire $2.5 million.