Miami Dolphins HC says they want Emmanuel Ogbah back so text him

Miami Dolphins Emmanuel Ogbah (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Emmanuel Ogbah (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

Emmanuel Ogbah is a priority for the Miami Dolphins, at least that is what we know now. Head coach Mike McDaniel just made that clear.

Speaking to the media at his first NFL Combine since becoming a head coach, McDaniel talked a bit about Ogbah, the teams big DE who is going to be a free agent. McDaniel made it more than clear that the team, his team, wants him back.

This is good news for Dolphins fans who were hoping that Ogbah would be re-signed. While nothing is imminent, at least we now know that the Dolphins think highly of him and if anyone has Ogbah’s contact on their phone, he probably does now too.

Miami evidently wants to get him a new contract but it also has been rumored that Ogbah wants to hit the market and see what the best offer out there will be. DE’s are incredibly in demand from year to year and the top DEs tend to set the market each season for the position.

Miami can afford Ogbah but will his contract demands be so high that Miami has to take a pass? That is a very real possibility especially if Ogbah does in fact, hit the market in two weeks.

Miami could place the franchise tag on him but that comes with a $20 million one-year guaranteed salary. More likely, the Dolphins either get him under contract soon or they let him get feelers out during the three day tampering window and then assess what they can and are willing to do.