Miami Dolphins fans still want Deshaun Watson but it won’t happen

Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports
Deshaun Watson Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /

Deshaun Watson is about to be traded, likely in the next week and the Miami Dolphins will not be one of those teams he lands on. They could have though.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and the Dolphins had a shot at Watson last year. It was rumored and reported by some pretty big media members that a deal was pretty much in place and agreed upon. Brian Flores would have had his QB and the Tua Tagovailoa drama would have been over.

Stephen Ross stepped in and nixed the whole thing the night before the trade deadline. Now, that is in the past regardless of whether you like it or not.

I have always been on the fence about Watson joining the Dolphins and I have jumped over and over the fence between Watson and Tagovailoa. Most of the time, I’ve stayed on the Tua side. Not because of Watson’s legal issues or the complaints against him but because I’m not convinced that Watson is the “great” quarterback he is made out to be. I mean, if he is that good why have the Texans been as bad as they have been? Yes, the Texans had two very good 10 plus winning seasons with Watson but didn’t go to the Super Bowl. They also had two 4 win seasons with Watson.

All of that doesn’t matter anymore. Miami is out of the picture so regardless of what side I was on, I’m on the Tua side now. So should you. Watson to Miami isn’t happening. Bet on it. Take it to the bank. Watson is gone.

The price for Watson would have been expensive last year but it would be a lot cheaper than what the current teams are likely to pay. Miami had no competition last season for Watson. Miami was it, the only team. Now there are several.

The Panthers and Saints were supposed to meet with Watson last night and now the Atlanta Falcons might be jumping into the fray. All this does is drive up the price for Watson, especially if he waives his no-trade clause for more than one team.

Houston will make out in this when it is all said and done and some team is going to get a player that may not have criminal charges hanging over him but will still have a dark cloud hanging over the situation. For Dolphins fans who want and still want Watson, this is one of those arguments that will not go away until Watson is one, traded, and two fails. Even then, I suspect this will be a debate that lasts as long as Culpepper over Drew Brees.