Preston Williams return to Miami Dolphins a head scratcher

Preston Williams (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Preston Williams (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins shopping list includes names outside of the team and inside, now they are bringing back two of their own impending free agents.

Duke Riley had a decent season last year and was one of the players that we considered an attractive re-sign given his low cap hit and contributions to the team. Riley wasn’t going to make a lot in free agency so getting back into the fold was probably smart.

Riley adds depth to the linebacker unit and knows the system. He fills a hole that letting him leave would have created. He isn’t a full time starter but he doesn’t need to be in Miami.

While Riley isn’t a bad signing, the re-signing of Preston Williams has many fans shaking their heads or at the very least scratching it.

Williams has a load of talent, or so we have been saying since he made the roster as an undrafted free agent three years ago. Fans fell in love with Williams immediately after he showed unexpected play during camp.

There is however, a problem with Williams. Despite his talent, he can’t stay healthy. In all three of his seasons so far, he has not played in more than 8 games in a given year. In those 8 games he has started 7 games twice and three games last year. This despite a depleted WR unit.

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Williams has 56 receptions for 787 yards, an average of 14.1 per touch and has 7 touchdowns. It is easy to understand why the Dolphins are not giving up on him but at some point, you have to cut the losses and move on.

The contract details for both players have yet to be released and in the case of Williams, it could make the re-signing more understandable, especially if there are minimal or no guarantees.

UPDATE: Williams contract is reportedly a one-year deal with earning incentives that could max out at $1.9 million.