Confirmed: Tom Brady wanted to go to the Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Tom Brady (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Earlier this year Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk cited a rumor that Tom Brady had plans of going to the Miami Dolphins after retiring, this week Boston Globe journalist Ben Volin confirmed it.

Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins have been chasing after Tom Brady since late 2019 from what we learned in the Brian Flores lawsuit, after firing the former HC in January Stephen Ross had his eyes set on bringing Brady to Miami.

Mike Florio’s initial report was taken in with a very big grain of salt due to Florio’s track record of being wrong. Many people (including myself) dismissed it without much thought.


Boston Globe Journalist Ben Volin decided to re-open this can of worms and put a stamp of approval on it after going on Weei M&F radio this past Monday:

"“There was the Mike Florio report that Brady and Sean Payton were planning to team up in Miami. I know that’s true because I heard it independently, and I know I heard it from a different source than Mike Florio heard it.”"

Volin followed up by stating:

"“So that to me is the key. So Brady announces his retirement on the morning of February 1, a Tuesday. What happens that same day? Brian Flores files his lawsuit against the Miami Dolphins. Throws a wrench in the entire plan.”"

Tom Brady wanted to go to Miami, but “not necessarily to be the Quarterback”:

Ben Volin stated on his appearance on M&F Radio that Tom Brady wanted to be “Derek Jeter”, meaning Brady would have come to Miami to help run the front office while “Sean Payton helped run the team” said Volin. Well we know that Payton declined the Dolphins offer, but did the Brian Flores lawsuit hold weight in that decision?

Ben Volin would lean towards yes.

Miami has Mike McDaniel and he’s proved to be great so far, but Volin reports that Stephen Ross’ big plan was to bring in Tom Brady. Volin stated “you don’t need permission from the Bucs to get Brady to run your front office.” in hindsight it’s impressive how Stephen Ross was trying to make a big splash for his organization.

“Stephen Ross’ big heist” – Ben Volin:

Did the lawsuit itself spook away Tom Brady or was it something else? perhaps… his involvement with the case?

"Volin said “Brady was gonna go run the Dolphins, and then Brian Flores files his lawsuit and throws a wrench in the entire thing. Now all of a sudden you’re worried about cell phones and discovery and all this stuff, so Brady, they scrap those plans.”"

Pause the tape right there Ben, “cell phones and discovery” sounds like Stephen Ross and Tom Brady were in some pretty deep discussions involving tampering, amongst other violations in order to bring him to Miami.

Why else would he try to get away from it? It’s not all about the Dolphins bad look with the Flores case, Brady must have had some dirt in there too. And if the plan is to bury Flores’ case then it’s best not to poke the bear.

Spooked Brady right into retirement if were following Ben Volin’s narrative. Some people may find Ross’ alleged actions “horrifying, and disgrace to the game.” But you know what? I respect Stephen Ross for attempting this boss move.

By any means necessary Ross was going to build a winner, and while firing Brian Flores he was crafting a master-plan.

Tom Brady comes back to the NFL after flying out to see Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo:

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MARCH 15: Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United looks on during the UEFA Champions League Round Of Sixteen Leg Two match between Manchester United and Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford on March 15, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MARCH 15: Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United looks on during the UEFA Champions League Round Of Sixteen Leg Two match between Manchester United and Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford on March 15, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Now here’s what confirms that Tom Brady had other plans before returning to Tampa Bay, the Glazer family owns both the Bucs and Manchester United.  Brady flying out to England definitely has a business stamp on it.

Although the picture with Cristiano Ronaldo had a pretty cool connotation of two GOAT’s from different sports meeting up, this was mainly about business for Brady.

Ben Volin stated this on Weei M&F Radio:

"“He goes over across the pond over the weekend, to the Man United game, sits in the box with the Glazer family, who owns both those teams,” Volin said. “What I don’t know is, did Brady try to do a power play and the Glazers said no? Here’s what I think happened: the Glazers are very much indebted to Brady. I think Brady went to the Glazers and said, ‘Look, I’ll come back, but we have to fix something with Bruce Arians. You have to talk to the coach.’”"

Volin states that Brady indeed had plans to walk away from playing but still be very involved in the league, and after getting his plan canned by Brian Flores the only option he had was either walk away for good or come back to play.

Ben Volin stated that he clearly went to Bucs ownership to “figure things out” and it’s my estimation that the Glazer family talked to him, and painted a clear picture of why it might be worth it to come back and play.

Now it is real interesting that after Brady’s plan with the Dolphins got scrapped he didn’t go somewhere else to do the same role, after all the player contract wouldn’t hold him back from going to a front office, whether that’s Miami or any other team.

This speaks volumes to Brady and Ross’ relationship, they clearly are close and if Tom Brady didn’t go somewhere else to take that same role, then maybe he’s holding out until he can go where he really wants once he really retires.

Ben Volin stated:

"“this was all about him going to the Dolphins, it got scrapped because of the Brian Flores lawsuit, he had nothing else to do except play football, and he goes to the Bucs owner across the pond.”"

Things make more sense now, and the NFL gets it’s biggest legend back in the game.

Tom Brady was going to retire and team up with a division rival, just so he could put Belichick in the dirt?

Yes I’m saying division rival because the man was a Patriot for 20 years, and under all that Tampa Bay sun coating the killer from Foxborough is still there, the man who terrorized Miami’s franchise and helped dig them into the hole they are trying to get out of to this day.

And even then, the greatest Quarterback of all time’s last wish? To finish his old boss, by building up his boss’ most hated rival to finally put his legacy to an end.

A poetic ending to Tom Brady’s storyline, and poetic justice for the Dolphins fanbase. But unfortunately, we might never see it come to life.

Here’s to hoping that Mike McDaniel can build a winner, and to once again think about what could’ve been if Brian Flores didn’t file that lawsuit.

But don’t dwell on the past for too long, free-agency is here and the two top tackles in the market are still available.

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