The Miami Dolphins are making a colossal mistake with their Offensive line

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins are making a colossal mistake with their offensive line if they don’t go big in free agency, Dolphins brass stated they “feel good” with the current roster.

The 2022 Free-agency frenzy has been nothing short of electrifying, franchise players getting traded and demanding outs. Teams cutting established players to make room for cap space or bring in other talent. It’s been truly wild, however the Miami Dolphins can’t put themselves in that category when it comes to improving their offensive line.

Miami has gone big in backfield additions, bringing in players like Alec Ingold, Chase Edmonds, and John Lovett. Letting fans know that the Dolphins are letting McDaniel bring his vision to life when it comes to a new run-game.

Reporters and fans alike were impressed with these signings early on in the week, most of us assumed that by building up the backfield they would upgrade their offensive line as well. The signing of Guard Connor Williams definitely confirmed that was the direction in which Miami was headed, but then something changed.

The Dolphins were reported to be interested in both Terron Armstead and La’el Collins, the top two tackles available in the market. From the beginning I’ve been vocal about making Collins a priority since he would be the blindside tackle for a left-handed QB.

The Dallas Cowboys announced that their plan was to cut La’el Collins, they had no interest in taking a draft pick unless it was something really worth it. Even then I was vocal that the Dolphins should trade for Collins, because letting him hit the market might take Miami out of contention to sign him.

The trade for La’el Collins never happened, once Collins hit the market he decided to visit the Bengals:

The Dallas Cowboys announced Collins would be cut in June to save cap space according to Cowboys reporter Todd Archer, this announcement would confirm Collins can start negotiations as a free agent. Technically he is cut and a free agent now, but official documentation would have to wait until June.

What happened just a couple hours later? Collins was visiting the Bengals facility per Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport:

Cameron Wolfe said “Cincy aggressive is trying to attack their need at RT.” This statement has some key words contenders capitalize on, and other teams like the Dolphins ignore.

  • Agressive – The Bengals are making sure they are first in line and pulling all the right strings to make Collins feel wanted by a contender. Miami decided to sit on the sideline.
  • Attack their need – The Bengals have not only said they want to improve their offensive line for Joe Burrow, they went ahead and acted up on it. Miami talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk.
  • RT – Terron Armstead is an elite tackle but he’s a LT, what benefit is Tua Tagovailoa getting from an elite LT if the blindside is still covered by Jesse Davis or Liam Eichenberg? RT should have always been the priority over LT.

ESPN Reporter Marcel Louis-Jacques stated that the Dolphins don’t see a “big problem” with current OL:

That is a horrifying statement, how in the world is the #32 ranked OL in 2021 not a big problem? How in the world is an OL who put up stats good enough to be considered one of the worst in NFL history not a big problem?

This type of thinking by the Dolphins franchise is why this team hasn’t won a playoff game in 22+ years, I mean tell me what type of coaching can do a 180 turnaround on this?

Besides the addition of Connor Williams the Dolphins OL is still putrid, the Dolphins stated that this could be a result of bad coaching and scheming. Previous OL coach Lemuel Jean-Pierre put out a horrific product on the field, but can different coaching bring players from ranked almost dead last to a competitive level?

I heavily doubt it, Miami hasn’t been able to develop OL for the past 12 years. What makes this coaching staff so different besides selling hope to the fanbase? Cheap excuse to do lazy work by the front office, and some fans will eat it up and defend them.

Did the Dolphins deny trading a pick to Dallas in exchange for Collins?

I broke down this tweet earlier on my twitter, this is a cryptic shot to the front office. I’m 99.9% sure of it, so let’s read between the lines. Barry Jackson lightly foreshadows the possibility of Collins and Armstead signing with the Bengals.

And then states “prominent FA starters” left, Duane Brown and Eric Fisher both play LT, so even if Miami signs them the RT spot is this team’s biggest weakness and has not been addressed. The prospects mentioned are also big drop off to what Collins or Arsmstead brings to the table.

2021 stats:

  • La’el Collins – 2 sacks allowed – 8 penalties – 82.0 PFF grade.
  • Eric Fisher – 7 sacks allowed – 8 penalties – 68.2 PFF grade.
  • Duane Brown -8 sacks allowed – 5 penalties – 71.5 PFF grade.

Glaring difference right? Should automatically dismiss Dolphins fan apologists who say there are still plenty of quality tackles in the market, or trading for Collins wasn’t worth it, or coaching can turn things around for the talent already here. But we’ll get back to that.

Barry stated “I would have given up pick 102 in trade for Collins” Barry Jackson is notorious for taking subliminal shots at the Dolphins front office, if you follow Barry you know this case is no different. Something really moved me when he stated “but that’s just me. Carry on.”

Pause the tape right there Barry, bringing up the “but that’s just me” is dismissive of his own opinion. Barry is speaking in sarcasm so if he is dismissive of that opinion that means who was actually dismissing it? yeah… you get it.

And Barry wouldn’t have that opinion on that very specific pick unless it was on the table, “I would have.” Barry would’ve pulled the trigger, but someone else decided not to pull it.

Barry Jackson drops cryptic shots like these all the time because he can’t say these things directly, and again if you follow Jackson you’ve kept up with his indirect subliminal messages.

Some people might call it a reach, but I’m 99.9% sure I’m spot on. Jackson usually shuts down false narratives or incorrect information very quickly when fans assume the wrong thing from his tweets. My quote on his tweet has been blowing up and Jackson has not shut it down, so think of it what you will.

Dolphins fans are buying the false hope this franchise has been selling them for too long:

In case you haven’t noticed the Miami Dolphins have not won a single playoff game since the year 2000, I know for the OG’s that doesn’t seem that long but it has been over 22 years! 22 years and not a single playoff win. Only the Detroit Lions have a worse drought.

And still! I have Dolphins fans telling me I don’t know football or I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I state that if they don’t make the biggest moves while having the biggest cap space then their free agency is a failure.

There’s respected Dolphins personalities and creators that are telling the fans this team “doesn’t need big name players, they need players who really want to play football” like what does that even mean?

You do realize the fanbase and the front office has been saying this same thing since Dan Marino retired right? It has never worked.

Dolphins fans tell me coaching will fix the line, Flores just had an awful staff. Well then what about Gase? What about Philbin? What about Soprano?

“They all sucked.” I know that’s what you’re going to say, well then what makes this staff different? Besides media hype online and personalities selling you false hope? Nothing. There is nothing concrete to hold on to when people sell the fans on hope.

Everyone was praising Chris Grier for this statement, now many are trying to defend the moves made to correlate with that statement.

There’s no correlation, look at all the Super Bowl winners and contenders the last few years. All of them went big trying to fill out a weakness, not Miami. But of course, Miami already has the talent, they just need better coaching and some depth pieces.

Right, the same formula that has such a good track record with this franchise. Don’t worry we will get a low end free agent and coach him up to top tier level. The franchise that has never done that before, will suddenly master it.

I said it before and I’m here to double down, if the Miami Dolphins don’t go big on offensive line they are making a colossal mistake.

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