NFL overtime rules changing giving fans something new to gripe about

Mike McDanielMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDanielMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The NFL is revamping their overtime rules yet again and this time, each team will get the ball in the extra period. But don’t expect fans to be happy.

For decades, overtime rules were simple the team that scores first, wins the game. The overtime period was 15:00 minutes long and that has since changed to 10:00 minutes. Previously, the league changed the rules to allow a possession by the team who doesn’t win the coin toss provided the team that does win it, only scores a field goal. Now, both teams will get the ball.

It isn’t surprising that the league wants to change the rule. Last year’s epic game between the Chiefs and Bills went into overtime only to see the Chiefs win the toss and drive the field to score the winning TD. Fans wanted the Bills to get their shot but under those rules, the game was over.

Now, the NFL has decided, to give both teams the ball in overtime regardless of who scores first.

The rule change wasn’t unexpected but getting the number of votes was questionable. There is however, a catch. The rules is only being implemented for the post-season so during the regular season, teams better play defense on that first possession.

Will this rule change appease the fans? Traditionalists are less likely to be thrilled with it but that doesn’t mean younger fans won’t find fault either. In the real world, people will complain about anything regardless of what it is. I would suspect there will be plenty of fans that will still want the college OT rules implemented.

According to a report, three teams voted against the measure, including the Miami Dolphins.

Here are a couple of questions about the rule.

  • Will teams defer the kick off knowing they will get the ball back?
  • Will teams attempt an on-side kick knowing they will still get the ball back?

The owners are currently meeting in South Florida for their annual meeting. So far, there has not been any rumors of trades as it relates to the Miami Dolphins.

Mike McDaniel clears up any drama making several statements during his press conference.

  • When asked about Tom Brady, McDaniel said that it is all fake news.
  • Tua will be the day one starter
  • Teddy Bridgewater will play a specific role in the Dolphins offense but not as competition for Tua.
  • The Dolphins are not looking at Tyrann Mathieu as some had previously reported.