15 years later, thank you readers and Happy Birthday FanSided network

Jaelan Phillips Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Jaelan Phillips Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Fifteen years ago a network was born. FanSided.com was a fledgling idea that grew into something big and today, we can say thank you. But there is more.

From the minds of two brothers, Adam and Zach Best, the FanSided Network was born. It is hard to believe that 15 years have gone by. Interestingly enough, it is not our birthday here at PhinPhanatic. We were born in 2006, not 2007. But it was through this site and another, ArrowheadAddict.com that the idea of something bigger took shape.

The first site was the Chiefs site and then, this Dolphins blog took shape a few months later. Between the two sites, we increased traffic, made dedications to the network to put our best efforts forward and from those early days of two sites, an idea, a plan, a dream came into focus and now, FanSided is home to more than a 100 sites both sports and entertainment.

It feels weird, for me. I was the first person the two Best brothers hired all those years ago. I watched them grow as well as the network but in reality, it is all because of readers like you.

Through 15 years and a few months, our readers here on PhinPhanatic helped that dream become a reality. Your dedication to read what we wrote early on continued to provide an avenue to create more content across more NFL teams that eventually expanded to MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NHL. It was through that we discovered entertainment and so much more.

From all of us here at PhinPhanatic thank you for the last 15 years. Thank you for your dedication to keep coming back, here and on all the others sites as well. Today we celebrate the birth of the FanSided Network but we do so by thanking you for making it possible.