Miami Dolphins: 21 personnel will lead Miami to the playoffs

Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /
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Miami Dolphins
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – MARCH 24: Tyreek Hill (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

So, what does it all mean? PLAYOFFS.

I truly believe that the Miami Dolphins have a playoff-caliber team in 2022, and yes, even in the gauntlet of the AFC.

Their defense is back, but it’ll be the offense that gets them into the playoffs. Yeah, you read that correctly.

When Miami lines up in 21 personnel, which I fully expect to be one of their most prominent position groupings on offense, and then their most dominant and successful position grouping, teams will be worried.

Miami is a big play waiting to happen, but the Dolphins will gladly grind the football and run all over you if that big play is what the defenses try to stop.

Think about this: the ball is on the right hash, and Miami is in 21 personnel. Raheem Mostert is in the backfield with his fullback Alec Ingold. Mike Gesicki is lined up at tight end next to All-Pro left tackle Terron Armstead. Tyreek Hill is split out wide to the left, and Jaylen Waddle is split out to the right.

Just without anything happening, how do you stop this!? Then imagine Waddle comes in motion across the formation, or Miami moves Gesicki out wide pre-snap. The amount of stress on the defense before the snap is unreal, and the potential is crazy for this offense.

And that is just with base guys, too, as you have Chase Edmonds, who will play a lot of snaps, Durham Smythe, Hunter Long, and Cedrick Wilson too.

Obviously, they will need to execute, and we all have our fingers crossed Tua Tagovialoa progresses, but I think it’s fair to be extremely optimistic about this offense in 2022.

I believe that Miami’s 21 personnel will be the reason they make the playoffs in 2022, and once they are in the playoffs…who knows! Anything can happen once you get in the playoffs. CHECK YOUR PULSE!

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