Former Miami Dolphins CB Terrell Buckley is now a head coach in the XFL

Terrell Buckley (far right) ijarrian jones martin emerson
Terrell Buckley (far right) ijarrian jones martin emerson /

It’s very possible that you missed this piece of huge news, but former Miami Dolphins, Terrell Buckley, has been named as one of the head coaches for the XFL.

Not sure about you, but I am a football aficionado meaning I will watch football whether it’s in the NFL, college, Sweden, or prison, you name it. I was a big subscriber to the AAF from a few seasons ago. I’ll always consider myself a lifer when it comes to being a fan of the Arizona Hot Shots. I also consider myself to be a lifelong Seattle Dragons fan(go Dragons!)

And don’t get me started about the beginning of the USFL, which happens this weekend. I have my Houston Gamblers shirt steamed and pressed as I watch the Gamblers stomp a mudhole in the Michigan Panthers. Yes, the Earth is littered with football leagues and it’s ultimately a good thing no matter how long the league exists.

We all hold the XFL in a special place in our hearts when it was conceived and delivered by Vince McMahon. Covid put an end to the reincarnation of that league a few years and now Vinny Mac’s favorite son, Dwyane the Rock Johnson, is the owner of it. No way this league misses because The Rock doesn’t know how to fail. The Rock is a 10-time world champion who played football at the University of Miami. I think he can figure out marketing a second football league to people.

This takes us to Terrell Buckley, one of my favorite Dolphins of all time. Yesterday, he was named the head coach of the Orlando franchise.

Terrell Buckley, or T-Buck as his friends I’m sure to call him and what I call him when I talk him up to my friends, has been coaching since 2007 most recently being the cornerback’s coach for Ole Miss. Now he’ll be the head ball coach for Orlando and even though I bleed Dragon’s blood, I’ll still be rooting for T-Buck.

Buckley was one of my favorite players for the Miami Dolphins when he was here. He came to Miami back in 1995 and was here until 1999. During those years he had 22 INTs. It was awesome watching him play.

To me, he was a guy who always played the ball and did everything he could to pick the ball off. Did it lead to him getting there a hair too late and the receiver getting past him? Yep. But his instincts and crazy athleticism usually paid off and that fearless approach was everything I wanted in a player.

Terrell Buckley did one more tour with the Dolphins in 2003 where he had two INTs. It was still a pleasure to watch him play because he was the same T-Buck from four years earlier.

Good for him being a head coach alongside a pretty established group of coaches. I have no doubt Orlando will be vying for a championship with the Dragons of Seattle because they are a force. Everybody knows this.

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