Miami Dolphins 2022 rollercoaster off-season is only starting

Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins have been officially in the 2022 off-season since the end of January but there has been so much happening, that it is amazing that we are still only at the start.

When you think about it, it doesn’t feel like we are only in April. Not even completely halfway through the month. Free agency started a month ago and the draft is only a couple of weeks away.

The Miami Dolphins narrowly missed the playoffs last year after losing seven straight games and then winning seven straight to climb back into the post-season discussion. At one point, they even got back into the “if the season ended today” picture. Then, the season ended like it has so many times, with disappointment.

Since the ending of last year’s season, officially, the Dolphins have undergone more change than at any time in recent history.

Not a single month since last season ended didn’t hold some intrigue, excitement, disappointment. 2022 was supposed to be an easy off-season. One that was going to build off that seven game winning streak, one that would give Miami some continuity after two consecutive winning seasons. Instead, hell broke loose.

From Stephen Ross to Chris Grier and Brian Flores to a new head coaching search, the Dolphins young off-season has been a crazy one.