Miami Dolphins 2022 rollercoaster off-season is only starting

Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins were not even a month removed from firing Brian Flores when he slapped the team harder than Will Smith did Chris Rock.

Brian Flores dropped an early February bombshell that is still reverberating through the NFL two months later. It was a bombshell that still has yet to play out fully. Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against three NFL teams including the Dolphins but it was what he said led to his firing that shocked the sports world.

Flores claimed Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired him because he would not throw games in 2019 to get the first overall pick and also included information that Ross tried to force Tom Brady on him in a tampering scheme.

The Flores allegations were categorically denied by Ross and in the meantime, Ross would continue to search for his next head coach. He found him on the California coast.

Mike McDaniel was not a coach that other teams were targeting. In fact, he only interviewed with the Dolphins. Flirtations between Miami and Brian Daboll gained nothing and Miami quickly made McDaniel their guy.

For his part, McDaniel quickly shot to stardom among Dolphins fans. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the stoic Flores or the aloof and weird antics of Adam Gase. McDaniel was a geek but a geek everyone related to.

Despite the early drama at the beginning of the month, the Dolphins fan base found something to gravitate towards and the prospect of sweeping offensive change was a hit.