What holes can the Miami Dolphins fill in the 2022 draft?

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The Miami Dolphins need a true middle linebacker.

Jerome Baker has been a valuable asset for the Dolphins, after a breakout 2020 season Baker earned himself an extension. But there was one thing the Dolphins overlooked at that time, Baker became a monster off the edge and is not the best in coverage or against the run.

I spoke about the possible issues this could bring before the 2021 season started, it was being reported that Baker’s weakness was on the run game, but he could cover fairly well apart from his presence on the EDGE.

Well, that take was exposed fairly quickly after Baker started his 2021 season on a horrendous note, missing tackles, getting lost in coverage, and not being put on the pass rush as often. He looked like a different player than the one the Miami Dolphins paid big money to.

Fortunately, Baker was able to clean up his play as the season progressed but once in a while these issues would flare up again, Baker is a valuable piece but he is not built to be a true MLB.

Once the Dolphins fill that piece, the connection from the D-Line to Miami’s secondary will be seamless. It would eliminate casualties that sometimes happened when the other team’s offense decided to run or throw over the middle.

Other than that the defense is pretty set but who will be…