What holes can the Miami Dolphins fill in the 2022 draft?

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If a steal is available, the Miami Dolphins should draft him:

Drafting by need should always be the focus, but if your team is on the clock and there is a player on the board that shouldn’t be there then they definitely should consider him.

MLB and RT are the most important positions but what if there is a stud RB available at #102 overall? Or an early 2nd round WR that dropped heavy, or a high ceiling CB prospect. Keeping an open mind is important.

The great thing is that Mike McDaniel comes from a team that drafted extremely well in the mid-rounds, and he landed a job where the GM also excels in mid-round selections. The Dolphins are in good hands in that aspect so fans shouldn’t be worried if one of the priorities isn’t taken with Miami’s first pick.

From what many analysts and draft experts have said, the 2022 NFL Draft isn’t star-studded so the drop-off in talent from early rounds, to mid and later rounds is minimal. With the way the Dolphins have acted this off-season they are saying they agree with that assessment.

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