Miami Dolphins have the fewest draft picks and fewer smoke screens

Mike McDanielMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDanielMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins enter the 2022 NFL Draft with far fewer selections and a lot fewer smoke screens than in years past but that could change.

One thing that has been missing leading up to this year’s draft is what are true intentions, and what are smoke and mirrors to throw others off, but with Deebo Samuel saying he wants out, it could change.

With only four pics, the fewest of all teams, in this upcoming draft, with it comes fewer smoke screens. The Miami Dolphins first pick will be the fourth pick of the third round.

It is highly unlikely that the Miami Dolphins would dig into future picks and trade them in order to pick in this year’s draft. Speculation would suggest there is a slim chance, and there’s also a slim chance that those future draft picks are in danger due to the impending lawsuit filed by Brian Flores, former head coach.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the NFL is capable of a lot of finagling. One example is when a player is in danger of losing pay, his team, and his agent will adjust his salary that would have been taken due to fines. This lines up with using updraft picks that could also be taken.

It would seem the wide receiver position has just become highly coveted in drafts due to the huge bump in pay that we have seen lately.

I have always leaned toward drafting for need, and that would suggest trying to get a linebacker or defensive end. Mike McDaniel is an offensive-minded coach, and as such, he will most likely pick from that side of the ball.

Miami Dolphins
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Getting back to wide receiver, news has just broken, and Deebo Samuel is requesting a trade. He isn’t just a wide receiver, he is a utility knife. The way I foresee McDaniel’s offensive scheme, he would be absolute gold in that 49er system.

Would owner Stephen Ross sacrifice the future to win now? Well, he isn’t getting any younger, and what we have seen from his actions regarding the Miami Dolphins in the past, he very likely might do so.

Just to give an example, the recent acquisition of Tyreek Hill cost the Miami Dolphins three picks in the current draft and two more in the following draft. So getting Deebo with picks alone, would be monumental.