Miami Dolphins: Top 5 moves made during the off season

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1. The Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel could be a match made in Heaven

It all starts at the top.

Most of us were shocked when the Miami Dolphins fired head coach Brian Flores back in January. Some of us were pretty angry about it.

During the ensuring coaching search, we learned about offensive specialist Mike McDaniel from the 49ers. The more that we learned about his schemes and his history, the more we began to understand Miami’s interest. McDaniel seemed like he would be the anti-Flores, a player’s coach who would instill confidence through relationships instead of breaking it through drama.

Everything that we have seen from McDaniel so far this off season has been positive and refreshing. The players are already raving about him, citing how relatable and supportive he is of them, and he has gotten specific praise from the starting quarterback.

McDaniel not only has the opportunity and ability to revamp the running game and offense as a whole, but is the kind of guy who can immediately change the culture as well. During mini-camp in April, the players appeared more loose, and it was widely reported that the mood was completely different from in years past.

Every aspect of the organization can change for the better with the right coach in place, and there is hope that Mike McDaniel can be that guy.

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