Miami Dolphins swapped Parker for more injury prone Williams

Preston Williams (18) Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Preston Williams (18) Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

DeVante Parker had a lot of injuries during his stint playing for the Miami Dolphins, Preston Williams had even more.

It is almost like he had to one-up him, Parker had a vast array of injuries and Williams followed suit.

One other area where they both fit into is an ability, they both can perform at a high level on the football field for the Miami Dolphins.

Believe it or not, Preston Williams probably has the higher ceiling of the two, we just haven’t seen him play enough to be certain. Williams has shown big flashes during the small amount of time he has been on the field.

Williams is probably in a better spot now, although it may not seem like it presently because of his positioning behind other receivers. Because of this, it allows him ample time to heal properly from his injuries.

A Lisfranc injury, which Williams has can be peculiar and can take over a year to heal properly, it would seem he has the extra time needed to not overdo it.

It has been said that availability is the best ability, especially when it comes to the NFL and playing football, as the seasons are shorter than the other professional sports. Parker had found himself more behind the eight ball due to him being higher on the depth chart, and then gradually being phased out by Waddle and Hill.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Cedric Wilson Jr was also brought in and should be an upstart, my last story was about him if you care to go back and read it.

DeVante Parker missed a total of 20 games during his 7 years playing. Preston Williams has missed 24 games during his 3 years playing for the Miami Dolphins.

When Williams does play and makes those tipsy-toe sideline grabs, it will be reminiscent of the times when Parker did so.