Miami Dolphins 2022 mock draft round three through seven

Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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The 2022 NFL Draft is officially upon us and even though the Miami Dolphins don’t have many draft picks,  this mock draft addresses Miami’s biggest weak points.

Draft season is usually an exciting time for all football fans, everyone wants to see who their team will pick in the first round to address a weakness. Fans love to hype up college stars that could make a difference for their team, this year the Miami Dolphins don’t have that luxury.

But that’s ok, they have Tyreek Hill.

And that’s honestly all fans have to think about when they start feeling left out from drafting a top player, The Miami Dolphins are doing it right by picking proven talent like Hill over upside from a draft prospect.

But there are still some holes to fill, and the Dolphins do have some draft capital to spend but it won’t be anywhere in the early rounds. Could they trade up? possibly but I highly doubt it, the 2022 draft has been labeled as a mid-tier class so moving up to the 2nd or late 1st wouldn’t make much sense.

The Dolphins will start the 2022 draft at pick #102 in the 3rd round, and they can take a lot of different approaches with it.

They can start off addressing weaknesses like linebacker, and offensive line, or filling average positions like running back. The Dolphins could even go for depth on a wide receiver or a cornerback.

Well the mock draft is officially underway, and the Miami Dolphins are on the clock: