Miami Dolphins 2022 NFL Draft three day draft predictions

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It’s not surprising, that immediately following the hiring of HC Mike McDaniel, fans began obsessing over who could fill the exciting and dynamic “Deebo Samuel role” in the McDaniel offensive scheme, for the Miami Dolphins.

Samuel exploded last season for the San Francisco 49ers, under (then) Offensive Coordinator Mike McDaniel. After suffering repeated injuries to their running back room, the Niners creatively shifted Deebo Samuel to a hybrid role that saw the physical receiver take carries from the backfield. He finished with a combined 1,770 total yards and 15 touchdowns (one passing).

Naturally, having the most electric receiver in the NFL (Hill), another dynamic and Uber-fast weapon in Jaylen Waddle, and a make-them-miss hybrid with Lynn Bowden Jr, not to mention super fast running backs Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert, isn’t quite enough to whet the pallet for fans.

Well fans, you’re in luck!

Prediction 2a: If Deebo Samuel is traded prior to the start of the draft, it will ONLY be to the Miami Dolphins

Woah! That can’t be possible…can it?

It sure can.

Deebo Samuel recently requested a trade from the Niners, and while the team is publicly saying they’re not interested in accommodating that request, they could decide it’s for the best.

It’s rumored that Deebo, who’s still playing on his rookie contract, is concerned about his role. Playing out his rookie deal, while taking on a more physically demanding role, could prove to be risky if he sustains a serious injury.

There are also rumors that Deebo Samuel would like to be closer to home (South Carolina) on the east coast.

So, if the Niners decided to grant Deebo a change of scenery, the leverage shifts from the 49ers to Samuel, as teams aren’t likely to trade for him without first agreeing to a long-term contract.

Miami can easily come into play, not just because of the relative proximity to South Carolina, or that Deebo spends time in Miami training in the offseason, but because he was a widely known close relationship with McDaniel.

Certainly stacking large contracts to the receiver position seems unproductive, given the talent they already have, however, the Dolphins can make it work.

If owner Stephen Ross agrees to a large signing bonus, and the team structures the deal for a lower APY (average per year) salary cap-hit, they could theoretically fit Deebo’s contract. That’s not mentioning the continued rise in salary-cap figures in the near future, or that Miami has a lot of young players early in their own rookie contracts.

They also have their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa a few years away from a potential second contract.

For trade compensation, 2023 1st and 3rd-round picks should be more than fair compensation. Davante Adams was recently traded for a 1st and 2nd, and Miami gave a late-1st, a 2nd, two 4ths, and 6th for Tyreek Hill. Samuel is a fantastic player, but he’s not on the level of arguably the two best wide receivers in the NFL.