Miami Dolphins 2022 NFL Draft three day draft predictions

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In a league built on high-octane offenses, having a stable of experienced corners and developing prospects, is critical. Especially if you’re the Miami Dolphins.

The Cover-0, Cover-1, or Zero-Blitz scheme Miami employs (with great and unique success), is built upon the foundation of physical, press-man corners, that won’t serve as liabilities in coverage.

Miami’s disguise defense, which forces the quarterback to constantly guess at heavy blitzes, works by forcing quarterbacks into quick decisions that can ultimately pay large dividends for the defense. In order to rush heavy blitz, the secondary can’t allow receivers to break open, as there are few defenders to prevent a big play if a mistake is made.

The Dolphins, usually have nothing to worry about, as they boast one of the best secondaries in the NFL, led by perennial Pro Bowler Xavien Howard, Byron Jones, and Safety Jevon Holland.

But, Howard and Jones are in creeping closer to 30, and while neither has missed many games, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where one get’s injured, and you no longer have the luxury of lockdown coverage.

The Dolphins have an obvious philosophy, history, and prototype for the defensive backs they value. Recent first-round pick Noah Igbonoghene was drafted as a physically gifted corner, that needed time to develop into an NFL corner. While the jury is still out on Noah the Dolphins did add another larger corner in UDFA Trill Williams last year.

This offseason, the Dolphins’ prospect visits, points to that same pattern in which they identify and value talent in the secondary.

They’ve reportedly met with Safety JT Woods (Baylor), CBs  Zyon Gilbert (Florida Atlantic), and Jaylen Watson.

All three, are larger, physically gifted players, with the natural abilities you can’t teach. Watson and Gilbert are both projected as late-round prospects, that will require development, but Woods is considered one of the better safeties in this draft.

Expect Miami to secure a defensive back in this draft, as they continue to build and maintain a very dangerous and productive secondary.