Grading the Miami Dolphins 2022 draft class, all four of them

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4th Round- Erik Ezukanma- C+

The last thing I’m going to do is act like I know who Erik Ezukanma is before the Miami Dolphins drafted him with the #125 pick in the draft. I never put one ounce of energy into watching any of his tape because I had no idea who he was. I was at a golf course topping drives and caressing putts when this pick went in. When I saw that it happened my stance was “nice, a receiver who can move with the ball in his hands” once I saw some of the highlights.

Once I got home and started to look up YouTube highlights of him, like every other Miami Dolphin fan did, I liked what I saw.

No, Erik Ezukanma is not going to be Mike McDaniel’s Deebo Samuel clone. That’s just an idiotic and downright disrespectful thing to say. All the morons want another Deebo Samuel. Guess what, wide-receivers don’t want to get hit like running backs and naturally don’t train to get hit like running backs. It’s a dumb argument that I’m afraid isn’t going to go away any time soon.

Anyway, Erik Ezukanma looks like a player who is big, has some wheels, and has no problem having guys hit him really hard. That’s an underrated skill and I’m glad Zuk(the name I’m giving him that I hope takes off) will embrace it.

From what I see, he seems like a guy who does well in traffic and has no problem absorbing punishment. That will bode well for him in the NFL.

A lot of folks are going to say that Zuk is here to replace Lynn Bowden or Preston Williams. I say, who knows? Why can’t the  Miami Dolphins have multiple guys with similar skill sets on the team? Is that against the rules?