Skylar Thompson shares his thoughts about becoming a Miami Dolphin QB

Skylar Thompson Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
Skylar Thompson Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports /

Skylar Thompson. A name that many Miami Dolphins fans don’t really know and may never get a chance to know but there is a future for him.

Thompson is likely going to be a practice squad player barring something unexpected. He enters the Dolphins roster as the 4th quarterback behind Tua Tagovailoa, Teddy Bridgewater, and Chris Streveler. He has an uphill climb but he also has a chance.

Thompson will see plenty of time in pre-season and will get plenty of reps during minicamps and training camps and it is there he will need to prove to coaches that he belongs on the roster, well, the practice squad roster.

While fans wonder if someday he could be another late-round Tom Brady-type success story, the reality is that his future is more likely a backup and there is nothing wrong with that. Thompson could become the answer to Miami’s continual change at QB behind their starter.

Needless to say, his being drafted by the Dolphins was a surprise to him as well but his joy was clearly heard on the phone with both Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel.

On Saturday, after Skylar Thompson was drafted, he talked a bit with the media.

When Thompson was asked about whether or not he was surprised that Miami called, he definitely was. The following quotes are courtesy of the Miami Dolphins media department.

"“It was an unbelievable feeling. Truly a dream come true. A moment that I’ve dreamed about and worked for my entire life and for it to happen with a great organization like Miami, I’m so excited. I’m so excited for the opportunity that they’ve given me and honestly I wasn’t expecting – it kind of caught me by surprise that this is where I ended up."

He followed that up with his belief that this is a great fit for him and of course, he is grateful for the opportunity. Later, he reiterated the fact that of all the teams in the NFL, the Dolphins were one of the least likely teams he expected to get a call from.

Thompson told media that the Patriots, Lions, 49ers, and Texans were the teams he spoke with the most. He called it a “great surprise”.

Thompson was asked about how he approaches the game, and what his “skill set” is on the playing field. It sparked a great deal of excitement from him and he laid out what he thinks of himself and in the process, gives Dolphins fans something to chew on over the next couple of months ahead of camp.

"Just being able to make plays off-schedule, on-time, with my legs, with my arm. I feel like that’s a summarization of who I am as a player and I’m a guy that wants the ball in his hands when the team needs a big play, when they rely on me to make a play and whether if it’s on fourth down, going into the end zone, red zone, whatever the case may be, I want the ball in my hands in those situations. And on top of that being a servant leader. I feel like I make those around me better.I’m going to serve my teammates at all times and put my team before myself and ultimately that’s what leads to success because it leads to wins and that’s what drives me and my play every single day that I get the opportunity to play football. And as far as moving forward, as far as areas that I think I could get better at or improve is always – first and foremost is my footwork. I feel like I have good feet, but there’s always room for improvement and just being more consistent with my feet and really tightening up my stride on some throws, really getting my turn – my hips open to my left and throwing outbreaking routes.And then just my posture. Sometimes I stand up tall a little bit on my throws and kind of cause the ball to sail, but those are all things that I’ve been working on this offseason and feel really good about going into rookie minicamp here in a couple weeks.”"

Thompson, again, is a long shot to make the roster’s final 53 but there is no lack of confidence in him and he does have a skill set that could help Miami if they need him. Like any QB, he has a lot to work on and the next level is nothing like he is used to but that doesn’t mean the Dolphins get lucky down the road.