3 positions the Miami Dolphins still need to upgrade

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The center position is vital in a wide-zone offense and currently, the Miami Dolphins don’t have a true center on the roster

I’m not writing this in descending order(I don’t think) in regards to what positions I think need the biggest upgrade. But I do feel that the center position is one where the Miami Dolphins should look to see who’s left in free agency to make it a stronger position.

I realize that the scuttlebutt(all-time sneaky funny word) on Dolphin’s Twitter and the internet was how Connar Williams was getting a lot of work at the center position so far in OTAs but even before this news came out I think all of us were a bit worried about it.

I don’t love the idea of Connar Williams, a guy who was just an alright guard with the Dallas Cowboys who was the center for one preseason game for Dallas being the Miami Dolphin’s starting center.

I also don’t love the idea of Michael Dieter being the Dolphin’s starting center either. I like him slightly better than Williams but I thought Dieter was just okay last year on Miami’s beyond putrid offensive line. Maybe it’s tough to give him a real grade due to who was lining up next to him and who his offensive coach was, but he didn’t do anything that that screamed keep this guy as the starter going forward.

With all of these positions, I’m going to concede to the expertise of Mike McDaniel. I trust him now until it’s time not to trust him.

I wrote months ago about I would love for the Dolphins to sign JC Tretter. I’m kind of surprised that he’s still out there. He’s a veteran center who has played in a similar system that McDaniel is likely to use. He still has a good amount of game in him and he would solidify the offensive line as potentially one of the stronger units on the team.

I’m on record of saying I don’t have a problem with offensive lineman going from one side of the offensive line or a guard switching to tackle that much. When it comes to taking a guy who isn’t a center and then saying let’s make him a center, that’s where I draw the line. I just think it’s a position that requires a bit more in terms of mental acuity and I simply would rather a guy who has done it before.