Christian Wilkins excited to be a Miami Dolphins player for another year

Christian Wilkins Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Christian Wilkins Miami Dolphins (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Christian Wilkins is one of the biggest personalities on the Miami Dolphins roster and after they picked up his 5th-year option, he will be around two more seasons.

Wilkins remains one of this author’s favorite players on the roster and I would bet that he is for many Dolphins fans. He isn’t the top WR, the QB, an elite running back, or even a Pro Bowl corner. He is, however, a big bottled-up jar of fun and energy. It doesn’t hurt that he is good at his job.

For the Dolphins, having Wilkins in the fold for another year makes sense. The salary cap will jump between now and the 2024 season giving the Dolphins plenty of time to get Wilkins locked up on a longer-term deal. Wilkins isn’t worried though. He is just glad to be staying right now.

"That’s great. I’m excited I’m going to be here for at least another year.” – Christian Wilkins via released press conference transcripts."

Wilkins’ energy does not go unnoticed. He is the first person off the bench to celebrate a touchdown with offensive teammates. He uses his experience as a player to help the younger kids adjust to life in the NFL, not just the game. He wants to be an open door, a mentor of sorts, he wants to help when it is wanted.

"I always try to be a guy that they can lean on, come and talk to just about anything – about life, about ball, whatever it has to do, just adjusting to life in the NFL. I always try to be that for them. – Wilkins"

The beneficiaries are the Dolphins and their locker room. Wilkins hasn’t said as much yet but everyone is pretty sure he has talked with new head coach Mike McDaniel about getting the ball on offense. Something that may be harder to do now that Miami is using an actual fullback on offense.

Wilkins has been a big part of the South Florida media this week. In the lead-up to the F1 race at Hard Rock Stadium this weekend, Wilkins has taken part in some of the pit crew responsibilities and was videotaped quickly changing a tire. Late last week Wilkins was on the Florida Panthers Jumbotron and pulled up his shirt as he celebrated. It was Wilkins being Wilkins.

In Miami and especially with McDaniel, Wilkins should blossom even more given a more relaxed atmosphere around him. He seems very much like the McDaniel personality we have come to see since he was hired.

Since 2019, Wilkins has consistently improved in every aspect of his game and there is no reason to believe that his fourth season won’t produce similar growth and that should lead to a contract extension before he ever gets to that 5th year. As for that long-term deal, Wilkins says his job is to concentrate on football and getting better. He is leaving the contract stuff up to his agent and the team.