More potential schedule leaks have Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving

Miami Dolphins Tua TagovailoaNew England Patriots V Miami Dolphins 02
Miami Dolphins Tua TagovailoaNew England Patriots V Miami Dolphins 02 /

As the full NFL schedule for 2022 gets closer, so do the Miami Dolphins leaks and the latest has Miami potentially playing on Thanksgiving day.

Rumors are running around the web that Miami may be visiting the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. According to one report, only the Dolphins and Bills could be potential teams playing as part orf the triple-header. The Lions are only hosting two AFC teams, Miami and Buffalo. Their game on thanksgiving will be on CBS which carries AFC games.

The Bills would make a lot of sense given their playoff potential but the Dolphins have a bigger history of Thanksgiving games.

One other rumor has the Ravens hosting the Bills in the late game on Thursday night. If that is true, Miami would indeed be playing in Detroit.

It isn’t just the Lions game that we are hearing more about. The Dolphins are rumored to be opening against the Bills in Buffalo as we talked about earlier this week and there is another rumor circulating that Miami will be home in week 9 to host the Green Bay Packers. That game is reportedly, or at least rumored to be, scheduled for ESPN Monday Night Football.

If Miami plays those two listed above, it would give them two nationally televised games so far without the Thursday Night game that all teams will appear on.

The Dolphins may also be spending Christmas away from home as well. Miami is rumored to be potentially facing the Bengals on Christmas day. Christmas will be on a Sunday this year and it is unclear if the NFL will play a full slate on Christmas or play the majority of them on Christmas Eve day and then have featured games on Sunday.

For now, all of it is speculation and rumor and nothing should be considered in stone until Thursday night when the league officially releases the entire slate of games.