Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins? Not after his new FOX deal

Tom Brady (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Tom Brady (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins flirtation with Tom Brady may have come to an abrupt end today after it was announced the quarterback would be joining FOX.

The news is a bit surprising. Tom Brady agreed to a contract with FOX Sports to be their lead commentator for their number one NFL broadcasting team. There is a caveat, however. Brady won’t begin his new job until his playing days are over.

Brady’s FOX deal will come in at a whopping 10 years for $375 million. He will become one of the richest people in all media. His 10 years won’t start until he officially retires from the NFL. The question of course is when that will happen.

This past off-season, Brady did in fact retire and he may have joined the Dolphins had it not been for Brian Flores’ lawsuit. Brady has been rumored to be a future minority owner of the Dolphins but that too now becomes unlikely as well.

With this new deal, speculation of him joining the Dolphins will likely fade as it should. Brady is not likely to return to the Buccaneers after this season and while there will be considerable speculation about what he does afterward, it seems pretty clear that his future will be in the broadcast booth.

Dolphins fans have been at odds over Brady since rumors began following the firing of Flores. Would he join the Dolphins this year, would the Bucs accept a trade? Will he take an executive job or ownership with Miami after this season? We can’t be 100% certain about any of it but with a large check on the horizon already laid out in front of him, it would be very surprising if this year wasn’t his last in the NFL.