5 games the Miami Dolphins must win regardless of date and location

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Whether the game is home or away the Miami Dolphins should be able to beat the Jets twice this year, and they should do it easily.

The Jets had one of the best drafts in recent memory but these young kids are going to get a wake-up call once the NFL season arrives. New York made moves this off-season and added to a decent if not young roster.

New York get better on the offensive line, at running back, found help at WR in the draft, and added players to their defense but they may not be quite ready to climb out of the AFC East cellar. The Dolphins match up well with what the Jets are today and even with a coaching change for Miami, the defense is intact and the offense should be a lot better.

Miami’s reign over the Jets will likely continue into 2022 but the days of yesteryear when the Jets and Miami played spectacular back-and-forth battles may be returning sooner rather than later. A lot is riding on the season for Robert Salah as the Jets head coach but he will likely see a third year before he needs to worry about his job.

The Jets are going to win some games this year and could steal a couple of more, Miami has to make sure they are not one of them.