5 games the Miami Dolphins must win regardless of date and location

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The New England Patriots are not the same team they were with Tom Brady and the Miami Dolphins have won three of the last four.

In 2022 we will find out if the media heads were right or wrong about Mac Jones. To this day many are still wondering how he was alternate to the Pro Bowl and why exactly he was heralded so much.

This year, the Patriots have regressed quite a bit on paper but they are still coached well and Bill Belichick is not likely going to turn in a losing season. That being said, the Dolphins swept the Patriots last year and there is no reason to believe they can’t at the very least split with the Patriots in 2022 but if we are being real, Miami should be able to sweep them again.

New England is still the 2nd best team in the AFC East until the Dolphins can take over that spot for good as they try and catch up to the Bills.

The Dolphins are hoping to push the Bills for the division but it will be tough to beat Buffalo making both games against the Jets and Patriots all that more important. Still, the Dolphins are, again, on paper, the better team and they should be able to beat New England on the road and at home.