Miami Dolphins: 3 franchise records that will never be broken

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Dan Marino (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins record book is full of impressive numbers. Which ones are going to be the hardest, or even impossible, to break?

While the Miami Dolphins have struggled to be anything more than mediocre over the last two decades, the franchise is steeped in a rich history of winning and success.

Miami is still 6th overall in all-time winning percentage, despite having a record of 127-162 from 2004 until the present day. They appeared in five Super Bowls between 1971 and 1984, winning two of them. One of those victories was the crowning achievement for the undefeated 1972 team, which every Dolphins fan holds in their back pocket of every argument. I’ll spare you.

The Miami Dolphins franchise has had some historically great players, and the winningest coach in the history of the league in Don Shula. The team had seven players inducted in to the Hall of Fame between 1983 and 2001, and Dan Marino and Jason Taylor have been inducted since. Do not get me started on Zach Thomas.

With all of those accolades, winning, and elite members of the franchise, there have been a number of impressive records set as well. Taylor’s 139.5 career sacks is good enough for 7th most in NFL history, 131 of them coming in Miami and leading the team list. Marino’s 61,000+ yards has not come close to being touched, with Ryan Tannehill coming in behind him with just over 20,000.

Some of the numbers that you’ll find while sifting through the Miami Dolphins record book are downright impressive. Here are three of the franchise records that may never be broken: