Miami Dolphins: 3 franchise records that will never be broken

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Dan Marino (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Miami Dolphins unbreakable record #2:

Ricky Williams’ 1,853 yards in 2002

As a Miami Dolphins fan, sometimes it’s good to sit back and remember how talented Ricky Williams was.

Williams holds both of the top 2 spots on the list for most rushing yards in a season in team history. In his second season in Miami, he rushed for 1,372 yards, which will be a tough number to approach for any featured running back in the backfield for the Dolphins. But it is the record he set in his first season in South Florida that may never be broken.

In 2002, Williams had a career year across the board. He set personal bests in yards and touchdowns, and his 115.8 yards per game was good enough to lead the league. He was named to the Pro Bowl, was a first team All-Pro, and came in fourth in the voting for Offensive Player of the Year.

The total rushing yards for Williams from that season is the number that truly sticks out. He was able to amass 1,853 yards that year, nearly a full 500 more than the second place finisher (Williams again the following season).

The reason that this number may never be broken is three-fold. First, then-Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt used Williams almost exclusively, as a huge portion of the offense was run through him. Second, as the league becomes increasingly pass-happy and tandem backfields are becoming more the norm, there are far less huge rushing totals being put up on a yearly basis.

And finally, the lack of threat. Aside from Williams, Jay Ajayi is the only other running back in team history to have more than 1,270 yards in a season. And unless Chase Edmonds has as many carries in 2022 as he has in his first four seasons combined, this one will be safe for at least another year. Or thirty.