Miami Dolphins don’t have the worst schedule in the AFC East

Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Looking at the AFC East schedule, each team has their share of ups and downs and this year will come down to the team that overcome the worst part of it.

The Bills have a rough stretch to open their season but they have a relatively light schedule after their break and should be able to run most of the table later in the season as the playoff chase intensifies.

The Patriots are an unknown this year. That being said, they could just as easily turn this season into success despite the fact their schedule isn’t exactly easy. Most of this will fall on the shoulders of Mac Jones, the Patriots defense, and whether or not Bill Belichick takes the ball out of Jones’ hands and runs the ball instead.

While Jets fans want to believe that they have turned the corner, there is too much youth and a schedule that isn’t very pleasant for the Jets. It is hard to believe that the Jets will make a lot of waves this year but they could act as a spoiler throughout but they will still be a team that the rest of the AFC East “should” beat.

Miami doesn’t have an easy schedule but they have a schedule that they can win with. Like New England and New York, there are questions that we haven’t seen answered. The biggest questions surround Tua and the offensive line as well as the coaching aptitude of Mike McDaniel.

Until we see what all these teams can do on the field, we can only rank them by schedule and on paper and because of that, the Bills have the easier path to the division title and the Dolphins should be better than New England. I don’t think the Patriots will be so bad they drop below the Jets who will probably remain at the bottom.