Should the Miami Dolphins have a look at QB D’Eriq King?

Bill Belichick Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Belichick Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

D’Eriq King has been freshly cut by the New England Patriots, should the Miami Dolphins have a look at him?

If the Miami Dolphins were to pick him up, it would flip the script on the Patriots. Bill Belichick has picked up a Miami Dolphins player two out of the last three seasons, those seasons have started with the first game playing Miami just like this season.

The long running gag, is that anytime the Patriots poach a player from the other AFC East teams Belichick is gathering Intel. This seems unlikely, but if there is a sliver of truth to it, this could be the ultimate mind game for old Bill.

It would also provide the Miami Dolphins with a gadget player waiting in the wings. That was the idea the Patriots had when they signed him, as he was listed as a QB/RB/WR. It seems like the offensive scheme Mike McDaniel is installing would be indicative for players like this.

D’Eriq King has stated that he is willing to play any position. So he could line up anywhere from quarterback, wide receiver, running back, or even as a kick returner, should the Miami Dolphins get off their Kick of wanting their most valuable players risking injury on returns.

Getting back to the gathering Intel nonsense, that wouldn’t be the Miami Dolphins intentions here, because they are the early favorites over the Patriots, to start the season. It would be to get a quarterback who had been highly sought after, before his last season, where injuries and inconsistent play derailed him. Maybe his injuries had something to do with the inconsistencies.

That talent could still be there, and be brought out at the next level in the NFL, with coaching, and D’Eriq King is willing to be a utility player in the meantime, this is the best of both worlds. He might make a good wildcat quarterback, should that be brought back at some point. The Miami Dolphins should have a look.