Miami Dolphins: Mike McDaniel is the coolest HC in the NFL

Head coach Mike McDaniel of the Miami Dolphins. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Head coach Mike McDaniel of the Miami Dolphins. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /

Ever since Mike McDaniel became HC of the Miami Dolphins the media talk became: “Why does everyone talk so highly of this guy?” And now we’re finding out why.

Mike McDaniel goes by the philosophy of being a teacher and putting his efforts towards making his players buy in, he isn’t super intense, rigid, or overwhelming with information. Mike McDaniel takes the approach of just being himself, his unique style and authenticity are what make players respect him.

Mike McDaniel genuinely wants to teach everyone in the room and also get everyone to buy into his vision, he elaborates more in this clip:

What you can take away from what McDaniel says is that he puts himself in the players’ shoes, and understands what is at stake for them and their careers. McDaniel understands how important this moment is for them.

Players see the way Mike McDaniel prepares, the way he goes about his meetings, how seriously he takes his job, and how seriously he takes his players.

In the clip above he also stated that:

"“[Players] do best when they understand not only what they’re doing, but more specifically and more importantly why [they’re doing it.]”"

Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel isn’t only heavily invested in his job,  he’s also very creative with his style of doing it:

Something none of the Miami Dolphins coaches in the past 10 years would’ve done:

And you might say “How does this make players buy in?”

As a 23-year-old, I can confirm that getting playlist privileges at work gives a huge morale boost, and it’s a small goal every player can work a little harder for. It’s the small details that go a long way.

As the off-season unfolds we will find out more about how Mike McDaniel brings his style into coaching.

All these things make players like their coach more, and the more they like their coach the more they will listen to him, then they will trust him more, follow his instructions thoroughly, and more importantly, players will give it their all on Sundays.

The players for the 49ers still swear by McDaniel and speak very highly of him to this day, so I’m excited to see the impact he will have on this Miami Dolphins squad.

The McDaniel effect is already showing results, if you want to see it for yourself you can follow me on Twitter @3rdnJuan for the latest updates. or see how players are already noticing the difference:

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