Christian Wilkins continues to be the laughter the Miami Dolphins need

Christian Wilkins (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Christian Wilkins (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

Christian Wilkins is one of the most enjoyable, likable, and funny players the Miami Dolphins have ever had on their roster, and it isn’t changing anytime soon.

On Monday, Wilkins was shown in a video released by the Dolphins PR department exiting the training center doors onto the field and pointing at fellow defensive tackle Zach Sieler who was donning the “orange practice jersey” for Monday’s practice. He made his jokes about the music playlist and so forth.

Today, he decided to interrupt the post-practice press conference of Tyreek Hill. Wilkins walked up and put his arm around the Dolphins new veteran receiver but the video is so much better than a description.

Wilkins pulled back from Hill after Hill responded to a question about the music playlist being all over the place, in case you couldn’t hear it from the audio. Hill went on to say that Wilkins’ playlist included Disney songs and at one point said he thought he was at home playing with his kids.

For some reason, I am not remotely surprised by Wilkins’ choice in music. Not that he has bad taste, we probably don’t know what he listens to but to show up at practice and have the team pipe Disney out onto the field is exactly why fans continue to love this kid who is one helluva player on the field.

Wilkins consistently is involved with both sides of the ball especially when celebrating touchdowns by the offense. He has a great personality that goes well with his passion for football.

The Dolphins picked up the DT’s 5th-year option which at least will give them a chance to keep him around another year. Wilkins was thrilled with sticking it out in Miami and he has made it clear that he wants his career to continue with the Dolphins in the future.