NFL power rankings for 2022, where do the Miami Dolphins land?

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This offseason brought a lot of crazy changes, and it’s important to know what the landscape is looking like for the Miami Dolphins. Here are the official NFL power rankings for 2022.

I think it’s safe to say that the 2022 offseason was one of the wildest roller coasters I’ve ever been on, trades that wouldn’t even get agreed upon in Twitter conversations were all of a sudden getting done in real life. And the Miami Dolphins benefited big time.

But were missing to acknowledge the catalyst, the elephant in the room.

The Jacksonville Jaguars.

What? the Jags? Yes. The start of a snowball effect that turned into an avalanche began when the Jaguars gave WR Christian Kirk a deal north of $20 Million per year, making him the third highest-paid WR at that time.

Guess who else was in contract talks before that deal was done, Davante Adams, AJ Brown, Marquise Brown, Deebo Samuel, and Tyreek Hill. And if the Jaguars are paying a WR2 top WR1 money, then the price for a true WR1 automatically goes way up.

But wait these teams didn’t want to give their players the big deal before, but now that Kirk got the bag teams like the Packers and Chiefs probably said “Okay we’ll settle for what you want.”

And of course, now we know that Adams and Hill were unhappy with the way their teams handled the situation. So they ended up taking the deal somewhere else, even though their original teams had offered the same deal.

And of course, you know the rest of the big trades. The biggest shake-up in power rankings we’ve seen from one season to another, let’s get started.

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