Errick Miron not Ricky Williams will be the debate for Dolphins ROH

Ricky Williams(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)
Ricky Williams(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage) /

Ricky Williams is one of the best running backs in Miami Dolphins history and when it comes to the Ring of Honor, no player is more hotly debated.

That debate is going to change, a little. For the record, I’m not a fan of Williams being in the ROH. Not for what he left, literally, on the field. We can debate the narrative for years to come and likely will but one thing is for certain, 100%, Ricky Williams doesn’t exist anymore.

Williams has officially changed his name, legally, to Errick Miron so if we are going to debate the legitimacy of Williams, or Miron, we need to change the name first.

Is this one of those propaganda stunts that we see so many times? Ochocinco anyone? Not, this time around. Williams is abandoning his birth name, in fact, he did so over a year ago.

On the Dan LeBetard Show, Miron told the studio that he has taken his wife’s last name, Miron. He said that Williams wasn’t his real last name. His name was his grandmother’s husband’s last name, not his biological father’s.

Ricky Williams
Ricky Williams AFP PHOTO/Dave KAUP (Photo by DAVE KAUP / AFP) (Photo by DAVE KAUP/AFP via Getty Images) /

So what about Errick? Well, that is his real name. So he didn’t really change anything other than his last name but most people didn’t realize that Ricky was his nickname and didn’t stand for something like Richard.

Over the years, since leaving football, Ricky who will still continue to be called Ricky has found peace and happiness. He has overcome most of his anguish and works hard to help those who also suffer from some of the anxiety orders that he had in the past.

Overall, this name change is what is good for him. It’s a “meaningful” event as he told the show’s hosts. As for the debate about the Ring of Honor? Well, that’s a debate that won’t end anytime soon but it would be interesting to see if what Ricky achieved in the NFL and his seven seasons with the Dolphins would put Miron or Williams on the plaque. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Kudos to Ricky for finding more peace in his life and as he said, meaning.