NFL networks announce their 2022 card one announcer lineups

Al MichaelsMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Al MichaelsMandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2022 NFL season is a long way away, 15 Sundays from now and a kick-off Thursday night game a few days before but now we know the network teams.

After quite a bit of off-season shuffles, the NFL has released the final pairings for the broadcast partners and the top duos who will be calling games for each network.

For the Miami Dolphins who will predominantly appear in CBS broadcasts since they mostly handle the AFC games, a “game of the week” designation will bring Jim Nantz and Tony Romo into the booth.

Nantz continues to be one of the best in the business but Tony Romo is starting to sour on some fans and he can literally be hit or miss on any given game telecast. It would be safe to say that Nantz elevates his game-calling.

When the Dolphins are on Amazon Prime this year against the Bengals, fans will get Al Michaels who apparently doesn’t age and Kirk Herbstreit. This is a good pairing and Herbstreit should continue to get better with Michael next to him.

Miami will be on NBC this year and when they are, Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth are back and will provide the telecast narrative. Both have developed a great rapport and while Collinsworth can get a little longwinded at times, he is unmistakable in the broadcast booth.

The Dolphins will appear on FOX this year but whether or not they have the top billing for the week will depend on their play throughout the season. Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen will be the FOX number one team. They don’t have the experience that some of the others do but they are pretty good and a lot less annoying than Tony Romo.

Finally, ESPN will roll with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman and the Dolphins won’t appear on MNF this year so unless they happen to get to the playoffs and land on an ESPN telecast, Dolphins fans will endure listening to them call everyone but Miami on Monday nights.