Connor Williams seemingly will play center for the Miami Dolphins

Connor Williams (58) Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Connor Williams (58) Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Connor Williams has seen time at center since he arrived at the Miami Dolphins facility. Now, it seems that is the position they want him to stay in.

Williams, was one of the best guards available in free agency this year. It was widely known the Fins needed to drastically improve their offensive line.

This led to the Miami Dolphins signing two of the 10 best offensive linemen available. They signed guard Williams and tackle Terron Armstead.

But there were still questions regarding the center position. The incumbent, Michael Dieter did not have any competition as the Dolphins did not sign or draft a center.

Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Williams said Thursday that he is “really likely” to play center. Williams only started playing center last season during the offseason with the Dallas Cowboys.

Williams had known for a while that the Miami Dolphins were considering moving him to the center position. Offensive line coach Matt Applebaum and offensive coordinator Frank Smith spoke with Williams about the potential change.

“Let’s do it”, Williams’ said about the move. The change seems to be going smoothly thus far for the new Dolphins player.

One of the guard positions is now left open if Williams moves to center full-time. This can leave second-year player Liam Eichenberg with starting duties at guard. Currently, it is expected that Robert Hunt will remain at his right guard position.

If the prediction had to be made right now on how the offensive line will look like the first snap of the 2022 NFL season it most likely will be, Williams at center, Austin Jackson at right tackle, Armstead at left tackle, Robert Hunt at right guard, and Eichenberg at left guard.

The Miami Dolphins offensive coaching staff has been optimistic about the young talent found on the offensive line. Both Applebaum and Smith have experience coaching the offensive line successfully.