Predicting the Miami Dolphins record against the AFC East

Josh Allen(Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)
Josh Allen(Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images) /
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Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images) /

Predicting Miami Dolphins games against the Buffalo Bills

vs. Bills (Sunday, Sept. 25) Final score: 30-24 Bills
@ Bills (Sunday, Dec. 16) Final score: 31-20 Bills

The Buffalo Bills are the beast that the Dolphins must slay if they ever wish to take the AFC East throne, and they’ve shown very little signs of hope for that happening in recent years. Miami has lost the last seven match ups between the two teams, having been outscored by Buffalo 258-123 over that span.

Much of the Bills’ success against the Dolphins has to do with stellar performances from quarterback Josh Allen, who performs far better against Miami than he does against any other team in the AFC East or the league.

But with their new regime and offensive weapons in place, the Dolphins will look to turn the tide in 2022. They’ll meet in weeks 3 and 15, with the latter game being played in Buffalo in potentially adverse conditions, something Miami has struggled with in recent years.

I’d love to say that the Dolphins will take a game from the Bills this year, and they have a good chance to do so. But until proven otherwise, Buffalo just has our number.