Miami Dolphins: The best starter at each position in franchise history

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Best Running back in Miami Dolphins history: Ricky Williams & Larry Csonka (tie)

Ricky Williams and Larry Csonka had very similar careers while playing in vastly different eras, and they both make our list in a tie for the best running back in team history. Here are their numbers with the Miami Dolphins compared:

Csonka: 1506
Williams: 1509

Csonka: 6,737
Williams: 6,436

Csonka: 53
Williams: 48

Mercury Morris, Jim Kiick, and Ronnie Brown have all made their cases for the best running back in franchise history, but Williams and Csonka are in a league of their own.

While their numbers are not untouchable, the only player to have come close after 2010 is Lamar Miller, who still finished with less than half of the total rushing yards that they put up. Unless the Dolphins have a huge organizational shift, don’t count on any regular 1,000-yard rushers to run through Miami.

Choosing one for the top spot on this list is nearly impossible, so we’ll let you decide! It really comes down to which player or era of Dolphins football you prefer the most. As with one or two of the other positions in this experiment, I tend to lean on the side of the more recent, which would make Ricky Williams the best running back in franchise history.