Cornerback depth could be better for the Miami Dolphins

Xavien Howard(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Xavien Howard(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins made Xavien Howard a rich man, again, and while he will star in the secondary, the depth could be better.

The depth chart will not be released until right before the first pre-season game in August and through training camp in July and August, the Dolphins will be switching players around as they try different things.

What we know for certain is that at the top, Xavien Howard and Byron Jones have a lock on the starting corner jobs. But who will be behind them? That is the depth question we have to ask.

Quincy Wilson is the next in line with experience, he has four seasons under his belt while Keion Crossen will enter his 5th season. Behind them is Nik Needham who continues to develop. He will enter his 4th season.

Crossen has been a traveling NFL player and his value is on special teams. As a CB, he has started four games in four seasons.

Quincy Wilson has spent three years with the Colts and last year was with the Jets. He has started 11 games in his career.

Then what? The Miami Dolphins have some young promising guys in their secondary but experience is lacking.

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Trill Williams, Javaris Davis, Elijah Campbell, and D’Angelo Ross all have less than two years of experience and everyone else not named Igbinoghene are rookies.

Then there is Noah Igbinoghene. The first-round mistake has done little for the Miami Dolphins since being a surprise first-round pick. He will enter his third NFL season and so far, there is nothing to get excited about.

If there is any hope for Igbinoghene is that he is working extremely hard this year to get his game up. The converted WR has struggled but his teammates are raving about his practice dedication and his work ethic. The key to the depth of this unit could very well hinge on his production and development.

Overall, the top of the Dolphins roster looks great but beyond three, maybe four players, experience is severely lacking and if Miami has to deep dive into this unit to find starters, they better hope that someone can surprise or they may have to dip into the street market to find a backup.