Miami Dolphins TE situation is good for now but camp could change that

Durham Smythe Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Durham Smythe Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins could have one of the best tight end groups in the NFL and the depth at the position is near perfect.

When the Miami Dolphins start training camp in late July, the tight end room is going to be stacked with talent but can they enter the season with the same guys in the room?

Six tight ends are currently on the roster and almost all of them could make an NFL team.

  • Mike Gesicki
  • Hunter Long
  • Cethan Carter
  • Adam Shaheen
  • Durham Smythe

The Dolphins also have Idaho State TE Tanner Conner on the roster. A long shot to make the team for sure, he will get experience in an NFL camp and maybe gets a shot to land on another team’s practice squad, if not the Dolphins squad.

Of the five mentioned in the list above, Hunter Long is the bigger question. You almost have to wonder if he was the backup plan to Mike Gesicki departing in March. That didn’t happen but going back to 2021, maybe the Dolphins weren’t sure.

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Miami is likely to carry four TEs on their roster at most and that means that one of those five if not two will be looking for a new team by the end of camp. Miami could keep three TEs and given the fact that they will be carrying at least one fullback, that makes some sense when the offense begins to take shape in late August.

We can be pretty certain that Gesicki, Long, and Smythe all make the team unless Long looks really bad but it is a tossup between Carter and Shaheen at this point. Carter is the better blocker but Shaheen isn’t bad and is a better pass catcher.

It’s a good situation for the Dolphins to be in entering the longer stretch of the off-season. It’s a position the Dolphins shouldn’t have to worry about for the next year.