Tom Brady dodges question of Miami Dolphins interest in adding him

om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins may have been very close to landing Tom Brady but it seems one thing was certain, they had communicated.

Oh how things may have been different if Brian Flores didn’t play whistle blower. Rumors have been circulating about how close the Dolphins were to adding Tom Brady as late as this past off-season. Tua would likely have been gone and who knows if Brady would have forced the Dolphins’ HC search in a different direction.

Today, Brady spoke with the Tampa media and was asked point-blank about the potential interest in the Miami Dolphins. Just as easily as he skirted questions about his destroyed cell phone during the “Deflate-gate” investigation, Brady skillfully dodged any affirmation or denial.

It is a story that won’t go away and clearly, the Dolphins were very much wanting Brady. If the reports from Flores were true that Miami tried to lure him to the Dolphins in 2019, then there is no reason to believe anything other than Miami’s pursuit of Brady this year.

Here is the rub though. Why, if the Dolphins wanted Brady, did they not just go forward with it? The allegations from Flores shouldn’t have denied them that opportunity. Nothing illegal was going on as far as we know and if the Dolphins did make a trade for Brady, who cares what happened in 2019. It doesn’t make his allegations true.

Many believe that Brady will be in the mix once again next off-season but at some point, he is going to have to retire. The Dolphins reportedly were willing him to give an ownership stake in the team and we know that once Brady retires a mega-contract is waiting in the broadcast industry.

We will never really know how close the two sides were to a deal and we can assume that at some point the Buccaneers might complain about it but there has been sniff or any collusion thus far.