Tyreek Hill isn’t likely to find more receptions with Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images) /

Over the last few days, a lot has been made about Tyreek Hill’s comments regarding the trade that brought him to the Miami Dolphins. One of those statements had to do with how many receptions he had in K.C. It isn’t likely to change in Miami.

On the premiere episode of his new podcast, “ It Needed To Be Said“, Hill and his agent Drew Rosenhaus spoke about the departure from Kansas City. At one point, Hill said that part of his desire to leave was the fact Kansas City wasn’t using him.

"“If teams are gonna give us favorable one-on-one matches against their best corner, I don’t see why teams don’t utilize their best receiver,” Hill said. “And that’s where probably like me and the Chiefs fell apart right there. When I’m like, yo, I don’t mean to talk or be a diva in some situation but can I see the pill some time, please? Just give me the ball, please.” – Tyreek Hill via his podcast."

There are a lot of layers to this onion for certain. Some of it is obviously about his use as Hill stated but there was also the money. Hill also talked about going to Andy Reid about getting a new contract that did not necessarily make him the highest-paid player at his position.

This all comes only a day or so after Hill made waves when he said that Tua Tagovailoa was the more accurate QB between him and Patrick Mahomes. That statement was taken by many that Hill was saying Tua was better than Mahomes. He wasn’t and didn’t say that just more accurate.

As to the usage of Hill by the Chiefs, we can hope that is it just lip service because, in Miami, he isn’t going to see the same number of receptions or targets.

The Dolphins are going to be more focused on a successful rushing attack and that will take plays away from the passing game, naturally. In 2021, Hills was targeted over 150 times and caught 111 passes. Jaylen Waddle was targeted 140 times with 104 receptions.

If we add Cedrick Wilson, Jr. and Mike Gesicki into the equation, there will be considerably less amount of opportunity for Hill.

Looking at Kansas City last season, the next player with the most receptions was Travis Kelce who had 92 receptions on 134 targets. The next receiver was way down the list where Mecole Hardman caught 59 of his 83 targets.

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Conversely, Miami’s breakdown after Waddle is Gesicki with 112 targets and 73 receptions. Then Myles Gaskin with 49 receptions on 63 targets. DeVante Parker was targeted 73 times but only caught 40 passes.

If Hill is complaining about his reception totals it will be interesting to see how long it takes him to complain in Miami. Hill, Kelce, and way below them, Hardmon whereas in Miami there is more than just Hill and Kelce.

There will not be enough balls to go around and Hill may not be happy with his decision to come to Miami unless it really was all about the money. If that is the case, his comments about receiving totals really don’t matter and he will be perfectly content with his paychecks.