Tyreek Hill needs to buck the Miami Dolphins trend of bad WR trades

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill /

The Miami Dolphins invested heavily in Tyreek Hill, both financially and in draft capital but he needs to buck the trend of bad WR trades.

Throughout the Dolphins’ history, the team has made some very bad trades for wide receivers. Some have worked out but mostly, the Dolphins were on the end of the losing stick.

It’s a situation that we talked about years ago as we waited for Jarvis Landry to get traded. That deal netted the Dolphins at least something in return. Miami received a 4th-round pick in 2018and a 7th-round draft pick in 2019 for Landry. They used those picks on Durham Smythe and a year later took Myles Gaskin.

Historically, Miami hasn’t done as well. Take a look back at the WR trades that Miami has made that didn’t work out well for them.

From David Boston to Brandon Marshall, Miami has made investments but most don’t work out.

When I think of Tyreek Hill joining the Dolphins it is easy to get excited about what might be around the corner but Marshall and Mike Wallace come to mind as well. Two top WRs in their years, one brought to Miami for 2 second-round draft picks while the other was a free agent. Both gone after only two seasons that were filled with controversy.

Now we have Hill. An elite WR, a top-five receiver in the NFL but will he be the next Paul Warfield or the next Marshall? Warfield already had a HOF resume when the Dolphins traded for him from the Browns. Hill already has most of his HOF resume established and now, in Miami, can write the final chapters that might get him in.

On the other hand, Hill could easily take a diva route and implode. He is getting the big money he has wanted but can Miami provide him the winning opportunity to get back to the Super Bowl, the playoffs, or a division title?

For now, Hill is saying all the right things about his new QB but does he believe what he is saying, or is he saying it to support his teammate? Or to poke at his former?

We don’t know how this will turn out in Miami but so far things are going very well. Hopefully, that won’t change. Hill has never been a true diva while in K.C. and no one is expecting him to become one in Miami but his new podcast is bringing attention to him and to his team.

The electricity surrounding Hill’s trade warrants a lot of room and while he may be getting under the skin of the media, especially the mainstream media, at least someone is finally calling them out for their takes on Tua Tagovailoa. Of course, the downside is if the Dolphins succeed this year, it won’t be because of Tua’s abilities, but instead the addition of Hill.